Check Out One Hour of the PS4 Version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round; Showing New Character Honoka

If you want an extensive glance of the PS4 version of the upcoming Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, here's a while hour of it.

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pixelsword975d ago (Edited 975d ago )

Is this still a fighting game, or is it just very soft, soft-core porn now?

d3nworth1975d ago

Well it does say "I'm a Fighter" on the box but even then I starting to question it myself.

SaveFerris975d ago

I think it has always been a bit of both.

Heyxyz975d ago

This game just likes to teases you. You'll never actually see anything...

AHall88975d ago

Until the PC version gets mods...

*buys Steam version*

TricksterArrow975d ago

Her design looks bland... The original girls (Tina, Kasumi, Leifang, Ayane) are the ones with the best designs, everyone else seems to try and mimic the originals with some minor diferences and bigger boobs. Out of the originals, Helena is my favorite and Christie is also pretty unique.

Everyone else is just bouncing boobs...

SaveFerris975d ago

Bland design? Maybe. But Japanese schoolgirls with large breasts are quite popular nonetheless.