Just Cause 3: Way To Navigate The World

It was where players felt most empowered previously, after all, so it’s only right that this remains the core part of Just Cause 3.

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crazychris41241305d ago

That 1st trailer cant come fast enough

jocomat91304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

@ playgasz and crazy chris ur avys make ur comments 10x more hilarious. thank you

WeAreLegion1305d ago

This is my most anticipated title. I have played Just Cause 2 more than a human should. That's not even including the time I've put into the multi-player mod.

Minute Man 7211305d ago

I can't find the last pipeline and I went over the island 5 times 😉

WeAreLegion1305d ago

That sounds about right. Honestly...good luck. Panau is so freaking massive.

BiggerBoss1305d ago

Is it worth getting from gamefly on my Ps3? Im pretty dry until the Order comes out and i wonder if JC2 holds up well.

From what Ive seen of JC3, the game will be epic

WeAreLegion1305d ago

JC2 holds up incredibly well. Seriously. Play the first few missions and then go crazy with whatever you want to do.

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theXtReMe11305d ago

The fact that they reference Red Factions dedtruction, has me intrigued. I still consider Red Faction the only NextGen game of the last generation, as its use of physics were beyond any other game that came out during its time and even after it. If they pull this off with Just Cause 3, I will be one happy camper. I think physics is one of the most important aspects in a game environment as it allows the objects in the game world to behave realistically, with real world attributes. Making taking those buildings and objects down that much more fun.

Some of my fondest memories of Red Faction, were those of shooting at a buildings supports and waiting for that building to come down under the weight of its own roof. Not just fall down and blow up, like most games… But actually bend and break like a building would in the real world. Playing with the physics in that game became a game in itself.

If this game replicates that, it will probably end up being my favorite games of the generation unless something comes out after it that does what it does... better. Like Red Faction before it did on last gen consoles for me.

Minute Man 7211305d ago

I have Red Faction on the backlog, gotta give it a try

crazychris41241305d ago

What are you doing here go play it. Game is insanely fun.

SUCKxITxEZ1304d ago

They just updated the game yesterday so you can now use the reconstructor in single player. I bought 2 copies just to say thanks for the support.

Snookies121305d ago

I agree, I would hop on Red Faction just to destroy buildings... I put a good deal of time into the game, and never even got but a few missions into the story lol.

Audiggity1305d ago

Agree 100%. Physics are the most underrated aspect of all modern games. The possibilities are endless. Taking a game like JC3 and adding the destructibility of Red Faction Guerrilla would take it over the top.

Adding that level of freedom/physics to something as complex as GTA will probably have to wait until 2020+... but, for now, I'd be happy with Just Cause getting some much needed physics engine enhancement.

DARK WITNESS1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Thank you, someone who recognizes the awesomeness of Red Faction.

unlike most games last gen that only used a graphical brush, while all other factors remained relatively the same, like you said Red Faction was one of the vew games that really felt like it was using the power under the hood for more then just graphics.

I remember when RF Guerrilla came out, Infamous and Prototype also released with-in a few weeks of each other. Of all three games I thought RF was by far the best and most impressive.

Infamous I felt was the most overrated at the time. Prototype didn't have the "graphic polish" of Infamous or the tech behind RF, but it was ok for the run around and mash stuff up. Still of the 3 RF I loved the most and played over and over.

I think they should have suck with the open world theme instead of taking it underground with the last game. I think just the thought of that killed it for a lot of people.

If anything THQ could have licensed the engine they used to other devs. I personally think it still put's Battlefield and any other game with destruction in the environments to shame.

theXtReMe11304d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. Anyone who didnt play Red Faction Guerilla and still has a last gen system. Buy it. It can be had for $5 at Gamestop used. You will wonder why every games physics engine doesnt behave like this and then wonder exactly what is next gen about the current gen games that have released so far. Other than visuals. Because no developer has come close to mimicking the awesomeness of what this game accomplished. You didnt just shoot enemies in the face, you could take out a buildings supports and have the ceiling fall on them, or take out a guard towers supports and have it slide down the hill and crumble to pieces at the bottom. Pieces that could then be manipulated themselves, til they were dust.

I pray we see someone take this game engine and run with it for next gen. If Just Cause 3 comes anywhere close to what Red Faction accomplished, you will be wondering why every other developer hasnt implemented the same in their games.

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