Dying Light Delay is Already Impacting its Financial Bottom Line

After Techland announced that the physical copies of it’s hotly anticipated parkour zombie-survival title Dying Light would be delayed in every region outside North America, its consumer base has responded exactly the way one would expect: they’re asking for their money back.

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geddesmond1305d ago

My take is let people who want to buy the game on release pay for an overpriced download version they can never trade in, so if the game is buggy or crap we get all there money. Thats what the publish might be thinking.

Its not Techlands fault. Just as well I've been planning on picking this up in a couple months anyway. Maybe the price will reduce online by then.

jocomat91304d ago

about your overpriced comment i actually buy digitally cause you get 2copies for the price of one. i share with my brother so i only pay 30bucks for my new releases. so if the game buggy or bad its just thirty bucks to me so o well.

Lord_Sloth1304d ago

^ This. I share with my brother so we can game together.

geddesmond1300d ago


Yeah its actually 70 euros in Europe and thats good for you. Not everyone can game share or wants to.

JonnyBigBoss1305d ago

It's difficult to hate on a delay when so many games are arriving well before they are ready.

Lon3wolf1305d ago

Except the game is ready, the delay is for physical copies only in certain countries, it's also a month delay just about, not good really. I am just glad I have a digital copy pre-ordered which will release on the proper release date.

assassin2k1305d ago

The delay has nothing to do with whether or not the game is ready as it has already gone gold. The delay is a publisher issue and has nothing to do with Techland.

Meltic1305d ago

the game it self is ready its just the disks.

Emrage1305d ago

Why are they doing this? Haven't they learned anything from last year.

zielocz3k1305d ago

looks like my Premium Edition is ready ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.