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VenomUK1303d ago

I'd love it if the talkie version of Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis was released. In fact I would have loved it if the story was used for the fourth Indiana Jones movie instead of that tale involving aliens.

diesoft1303d ago

That's funny, that is exactly what I said to a friend of mine. That game's story fit so well with Indiana Jones that they should've just copied that. Instead we got lead-lined refrigerators and psychic russians and BLECH.

Benoski1303d ago

Sounds like a good bunch of games so far, but this is only half of the 6 games that will release in the coming days.

The remaining 3 games, releasing on January 27th on GoG include:

- Republic Commando
- Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2
- Starfighter

annoyedgamer1303d ago

Republic Commando was my game.

Benoski1303d ago

Yep. Truly a great Star Wars game that didn't get the sales it deserved.

I hope EA reboots the game, somehow!

traumadisaster1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I've been playing the disc version of rc in 4k lately. Fantastic.

And battlefront for that matter. Dang bespin mission is tough as nails...

MorbidPorpoise1303d ago

Bah stupid tags, read Rogue Squadron 2+3 and thought hell yeah finally!... then I clicked.