Five gaming trends I don’t want to see more of in 2015

While 2014 gave rise to a fair amount of positive gaming trends, it also had a noticeable share of gaming industry stumbles.

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Bansai1300d ago

While I agree with the author, I don't think those trends are going anywhere, sadly.

Tetsujin1300d ago

The list is about 75% of what I hated about 2014, especially the whole fiasco about AC Unity and how they wanted people to pay an additional $99+ on top of $60 for a broken mess just to offer a free game later.

The "always online" I can see as a tool to help with bugs/glitches and to verify people are paying for legit copies of games; however outside those reasons I don't see the point, especially if someone is on a limited internet connection. I'm not talking about games that rely on online; I'm talking games that have an offline mode.

Muzikguy1300d ago

I agree with all of these and could add a bunch more. I doubt any of them will go away either :/