GRID Xbox 360 patch released, resets online rank

The patch for GRID on Xbox 360 has been put live, with it comes a number of enhancements and changes. The patch has a side effect of resetting every players online rank back down to zero. Many players have invested a considerable amount of time into the game on their way to the top ranks in order to unlock achievements. Players on the verge of meeting the requirements will now find they will have to start again from scratch at the very bottom rank.

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Wildarmsjecht3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )


I hate when any patch has an adverse affect than what it should actually be doing, but if it means the game is fully playable and better than before, then so be it. Grid is a good game, so I personally wouldnt mind going through all of the races all over again.

Dazel3694d ago

This is total Bullshite, i've spent a heap of time on my online ranking to have it wipe out. However thats not the worst of it, it resets your whole game profile including all your single player.

Whatever were they thinking, it wasn't that broke in the first place to warrant such a complete wipe of your game!!! I've been on "live" for 5yrs and this is the most stupid thing EVER!!!!

ViRaL-3694d ago

that really sucks... why would they do this?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3694d ago

Things like this isn't intentional, well if it wasn't I sure hope people won't find out.