LBP 3 update 1.05 to fix crashes, missing DLC

LittleBigPlanet 3 launched with a few technical issues, but upcoming patch 1.05 should bring more stability to the game, a post on Facebook indicates.

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Abash1275d ago

I want some new levels as DLC for LBP3

ziggurcat1275d ago

hopefully they've also fixed the awful issue of all of the moons disappearing if you quit out of a level after you've received a refusal to join or timed out error message.

Eidolon1275d ago

The issues I've had is after exiting a level and go back to my pod, all textures are black.. and I have to play by sound to enter another level to fix it. Also I have never been able to join another player or a player join me.

lonelyplayer1274d ago

My new policy for buying games is:

Don't buy the game before the 5th patch.

It saves me a lot of money and issues.

chasegarcia1274d ago

this game has the worst loading times for a ps4 game.

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