Why It's Time for a Guild Wars 2 Expansion

When their original Guild Wars game was released, one feature was their PvP whilst the other was a buy-to-play revenue model that had no monthly subscription. It was this lack of subscription that really surprised the online gaming world as that conventional wisdom at the time thought that such an approach was doomed to fail. However, such was not the case as Guild Wars was a profitable game that carved out a successful niche. One method that the game used to generate future sales was the release of expansions that players had to purchase. Fast forward to the present day where the thought of a full expansion for Guild Wars 2 is being discussed heavily in various forums. There are a number of compelling reasons why ArenaNet could go this route, and MMO-Play examine them as they discuss why it's time for a Guild Wars 2 expansion.

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urwifeminder1305d ago

I enjoy the game but I find it is a bit bloated with crafting and crap a little too much menu sim for me but I do love wandering around , but more and more games are doing this drip feeding giving you a thousand items 0.01% more power lol.