Hands-on With the Physical Stern Star Trek Pinball

Say what you will about the two new Star Trek: The Lensflare Syndrome movies, they make a really fun pinball.

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PoSTedUP1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

this was my most played machine at Modern Pinball!! it's brilliant, i loved the shooting and the lights. fun all around. not too hard either. i swear i played like 86 games on this thing all night. nonstop fun.

good write up. i never knew what that button did, i just kept smacking the hell out of it everytime i lost a ball and it rumbled the ship: it was a good stress reliever! ; ) : P

and a mini attack from mars is a good way of explaining it. i really liked its balance. and i wanted to like the walking dead, there's just nothing to like about that table though...

Metallica was another one i played a lot.

the new mustang by stern is good too, not as good. really easy to get multiball tho too so anyone who likes multiBall will have fun with it.