Brandish: The Dark Revenant Review | Hardcore Gamer

The PSP saw a lot of great games in its time, from groundbreaking original titles like Monster Hunter to series-best entries in long-standing franchises like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Though it never came close to upsetting Nintendo’s market dominance, Sony’s handheld became a haven on the go for hardcore gamers – especially those with a penchant for JRPGs. Among all the developers whose games graced the platform, none were quite so adept at developing for it as Nihon Falcom. After reigning for two decades as Japan's premier PC studio, the company finally found its console game groove on the PSP. Their games may not push the technical limits of the hardware, but they look gorgeous on its high-res screen, and their old-school design sensibilities are perfectly suited to portable play.

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