Microsoft Wants to Make the Xbox One “Even More Capable” With Low Level CPU Optimization

While it won’t have an effect as dramatic as on PC, the advent of DirectX 12 should bring a measure of improvement in the efficiency of the CPU of the Xbox One, but Microsoft is also looking at other venues of evolution.

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Abriael1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Improvement is always welcome, I'd say.

GameNameFame1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Optimization is good, but this is literally an article based on job listing....

Yes "Microsoft wants to optimize Xbox". That is true, but seriously? This is an article? Is this even something we should be getting excited over?

What were we supposed to expect "this console maker want to lower optimization"?

All console maker out there wants more optimization on their console. and they are working on it, too. LoL.

4Sh0w1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

GameNameFame, I actually agree seems like dualshockers makes news out of much to do about nothing. Job listings are ongoing and most tweets responding to fans promise "future greatness". I think nitpicking every thing posted and said by micro or sony with very little meaningful substance behind such news now only hurts the creditability of the site. It sure doesnt encourage me to read the next story if the last few news stories boiled down to really just saying micro is working on something= wow OK.

Svinya1306d ago

Thanks for yet another job ad, Abriel. Truly top notch work, as usual.

1306d ago
3-4-51306d ago

It if helps the games run smoother and gives dev's more incentive to make games for XB1 I'm all for it.

Azzanation1306d ago

There's a difference between improving a little and improving a lot, seems as if X1 is improving a lot while its competitors are improving a little.

BG115791306d ago

Azzanation, nom there are juste making publicity about it, because they don't need to.
Sony is also improving the use of their console and infrastructures.

tlougotg1306d ago

like their thinking! Cpu optimization or any optimization makes a difference.

gamertk4211306d ago

How annoying is a locked ad when you view dualshockers on mobile? Won't be clicking on them again...

Hoffmann1306d ago

Use a PC to browse websites.

Volkama1306d ago

Those are harder to carry around. Avoiding dualshockers is much better advice anyway.

SpringHeeledJack1306d ago

^^^^^ or even better avoid game on daily... Oh wait everyone does lol.

Ps4andxb11306d ago

N4G is as much of a ps4 fantard website as i can put up with.

Adding dualshockers in that list would drive me nuts.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1306d ago

I really hope people understand that while all these improvements and planned optimizations are a good thing for the Xbox One, the PS4, which is it's main competition, simply has more hardware under it's hood. It's not speculation, it's reality.

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stiggs1306d ago


What is your point, exactly?

Pogmathoin1306d ago

Well, hugs is probably hurting still after all this great MS and Xbox news. Looking for anything to ease his pain.....

christocolus1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


"I really hope people understand that all these improvements and planned optimizations are a good thing for the Xbox One"

There was really no reason to bring the ps4 into this there you go,i fixed it for you.

Julion07151306d ago

And the reason ur saying this bcuz? This is a xbox article you know that right?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1306d ago

Judging by the replies to my comment I guess people actually do understand. Maybe?

stiggs1306d ago


You received responses to your comment because it unnecessarily opened up a debate between the PS4 and the XBOX One. It appears that you do this quite often. You're objective is to draw attention to yourself by posting inflammatory and unrelated statements. Perhaps it is insecurity or alienation that drives you to behave in this manner.

I will admit that you were successful. So, congratulations on being an agitating narcissists. I'm sure that will get you far in life.

u got owned1306d ago


What does PS4 has with this though. This is an XBO article were PS4 is not mention.

No_Limit1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


You might as well change your username to "IgivehugtoSonyPlaystatio n" since you always like to bring in PS4 into a xbox only article concersation that is totally off topic and not needed. LOL

PS4 has nothing to do with this article and yet here you are acting like Mariahelfutura.

Lennoxb631306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

I need people to understand that a lot of us sensible, xbox gamers, understand that the PS4 is more powerful. But to also understand that we don't necessarily care.

shadyiswin1306d ago

just how the ps3 was much stronger on paper and i could careless cause the ps3 like the ps4 is very basic on features and will never have the games i want. I did by a ps3 for $40 the stores demo ps3,i had to jailbreak it to remove demo mode and even at that price it was nothing but a 3d dvd player for me till the xbox one got the update. The ps2 was the last sony device i enjoyed. I loved my psp but that due to the homebrew not so much what sony did with it,they always promise you the world with there devices,it got old fast for me,i see people on here buy into the hype of sony.

DJustinUNCHAIND1306d ago

No one is talking about the PS4, cupcake.

1306d ago
strangeaeon1306d ago

That is actually off topic as this is not a comparison article, but thanks for reminding us.

P.S. Ken says your check is in the mail.

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Svinya1306d ago

Who the hell cares? This joke of an article is about low level optimization of the X1. No need to be so defensive and bring sony into this.

andrarfc1305d ago

Who cares? The ps4 is more powerful. For the millionth time we get it!

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SmokingMonkey1306d ago

Imagine what they could do with high level CPU optimization.

If only someone would come out and make a CONSOLE optimized for gaming!

Death1306d ago

Consoles do much more with much less when compared to their PC cousins. I would say consoles are highly optimized for gaming. The biggest hurdle consoles face is the balance between power and affordability. If money were no object, we could see some really killer game consoles created. Unfortunately console manufacturers need as big an install base as possible so they can generate enough software sales to offset the loss they take on hardware.

snoopgg1306d ago

Yeah I agree, plus I enjoy the no fuss with playing games on a console to always wondering if my computer will be good enough to run the pc games. Yeah they could build 1,000 dollar console, but wouldn't that just be a pc in sheeps clothing?

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