Uncomfortable Characters are Worth Exploring

Watch Dogs’ was not a good game. This has been said by pretty much everyone on the Internet, but we’re not going to get into that now. Indeed, the flaws of the game, like the invading of people’s privacy and the lack of hackable stuff in the games world is not nearly as broad as advertised. Indeed, those were rather small in the scope of the game’s problems. The real problem with ‘Watch Dogs’ was the boring story. Most of the story was made worse by the boring protagonist. Aiden Pearce was a thoroughly-unlikeable human being who was doing what he thought was best to get revenge against the people who got his nephew killed.

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SpiralTear1153d ago

Yeah, just because a character is unlikable or does bad things doesn't mean they're a bad character. I like complexity in my game characters, which is why The Last of Us' Joel stuck with me.