Blackguards 2 Review: Queen Of Bugs | Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes: "Cassia is magnificent. Cast into a dismal oubliette and left to die with only a Machiavellian 'how to rule' handbook and a thousand venomous spiders for company, this betrayed noblewoman emerges horribly disfigured and horrifically insane from years of literal and figurative poison. Seeking violent revenge, she rallies the dregs of society and lawless mercenaries to her cause, marching across the lands and stopping at nothing to finally seize the throne for herself -- including murder, torture and worse -- both directing battle and directly bringing it with sword and spells.

We've seen plenty of female villains like her over the years... but in the twisted and morally bankrupt world of Blackguards, Cassia is our hero. The lesser of two evils, depending on how you play her, that is."

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