10 Crucial PS4 Features Sony Must Implement In 2015

WC: At this stage in the last generation’s lifecycle the 360 had already released a string of updates that helped with core functionality, and although Sony did manage to nail one home run with their newest Share Play functionality, they’ve still got a very long way to go for the PS4 to live up to its potential.

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kalkano1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

MP3 support from the hard drive. Whatever it takes to get custom soundtracks into sports games. As of right now, for me, this is causing sports games on PS4 to be a DOWNGRADE from sports games on PS3. I need reasons to buy a PS4. And, right now, all I have are reasons not to.

DragoonsScaleLegends1249d ago

What do you mean custom soundtracks in sports games? Just put whatever songs you like on a flash drive and boom you can listen to whatever you want.

kalkano1249d ago

I don't know how well it works. I don't own a PS4. But, sports games still haven't implemented it. You need to be able to set specific songs/playlists for specific in-game situations.

playstation4epic1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

USB Music player works really well and has a tuner which makes it instantly better so...

TCanB1249d ago

That music thing is a gimmick. I used it a few times on ps3 and got bored. Never used it again.

If that's your excuse not to buy a ps4, then your a moany clown.

kalkano1249d ago

Grow up, and realize that different people have different opinions. For me, it's absence DECIMATES the atmosphere of the games.

MasterCornholio1249d ago

My most wanted feature.

Suspend resume.

JW10801249d ago

That would be pretty sweet!

LonDonE1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Agreed i LOVE this feature on my xbox one and in all honesty their is no reason why Sony should not have this feature implemented by now.

At the reveal i remember they showed this feature at the reveal and still we dont have it yet?
Better yet what about allowing us to leave our game on, and then be able to return to the xmb menu and launch and watch youtube and the browser?
I was shocked to see on PS4 if you are playing a game and then say your wife tells you your dinner is ready and so you jump on youtube to watch something while you eat so straight after finishing you can go right back to your game where you left off (which is exactly what i do on my xbox one) but sadly the PS4 wont allow it! it closes the game, and so in essence can only run one app at a time where as on my xbox one i have had a game in the background and then gone to the home screen and opened youtube and then gone straight to internet explorer and was instantly jumping between all 3 seamlessly, it really is a awesome sight to behold.

The x1 hyper-visor and os is bloody awesome, i find the PS4 os while simple and very functional it really is at its current state so bare bones and only able to run one thing at a time which is annoying!

I hope they improve the PS4 over time because at the moment the x1 features are allot more next gen to me, like suspend and resume which is some thing i cant do without now that i have gotten used to it.
My smart phone runs multiple apps at the same time and switches seamlessly between them so i see no reason why PS4 cant do the same.

Blazin_281249d ago

If your playing a game on PS4 and you go to youtube and back to your game it will take you right back to where you left off with no load time. If you had a PS4 you would know this. The suspend resume feature they are talking about is completly shutting the console down overnight and coming right back to where you left off without loading the next day. Right now you can have a game open and any other app you want like VUDU and switch back to your game instantly.

OrangePowerz1249d ago

I can't speak for the Youtube app, but when I play a game and change to the Netflix app it will suspend the game and I can resume it from where I left off once I'm done with watching whatever I wanted to watch on Netflix.

remixx1161249d ago

Bro stop lying the ps4 does allow you to run YouTube and other apps while suspending your games at the same time. It doesn't shut down the game, if you actually owned one or bothered to do a little research you would know this, instead of making assumptions.

LonDonE1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

@Blazin_28 @OrangePowerz @remixx116
Look at my avatar pic and gamer profile, i own all 3 of the consoles (Wiiu,PS4,X1) and every platform going back over 30years!
I actually have made friends here on N4G who i have added onto my psn profile LOL
You really should check a persons comment history and profile first.

On topic, holy shit you guys are actually right! i just tried it to be sure i launched my 8yr olds minecraft and then launched youtube and then the ps4 said "the following application will be suspended" which is what it always said but for some reason i thought it meant it will close it lol maybe some thing was wrong on my end in the past when i tried it, the strange that all my pals also all thought the same, maybe they added it in the 2.0 feature not sure but either way thanks so much guys!!

Man i feel like an idiot now but i am happy to know truth be told since i got the xbox one i it has completely taken over my living room as the media hub which my ps3 previously was.

Maybe thats why i am not as up to date with regards to the PS4 features, thanks either way people.
Bottom line the PS4 media capability still pails in comparison to the xbox one.
DLNA, MKV playback including many other formats, solidify my x1 as the centre of my living room granted for media only lol gaming wise and am all over my wii u and ps4 and pc.

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ShutUpDonny1249d ago

That's all I want! Sometimes I have 15 minutes to play. It might be possible to actually do it if I didn't have to relaunch the game every time.

Iceball20001249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

People still b!tching about the dam light bar? It's not going to save much more power then if you were to have it on Dim. Compared to off. There 3 little LEDs.

All honesty though I would prefer the XMB back.

hasamalaha1249d ago

but but but but but the glare on the screen!!!!


nucky641249d ago

don't mind the light bar but I really want Bluetooth support so I can use my sony ps3 headset.

vongruetz1249d ago

My top missing feature didn't make the list.
I want to be able to store my photos and videos on the console. My PS3 is my primary way I view home pictures and movies and I don't understand why the PS4 can't do this. For crying out loud, even the Vita and PSTV have this ability.

I also want to be able to use a media remote with the console. You can use one through HDMI control for basic functions, but it all goes to hell when watching Netflix. Again, this is something both the PS3 and PSTV are capable of, so why not the PS4??

Blazin_281249d ago

I would like to see the Playmemories App for the PS4 so I can play my AVCHD files, and view pictures. I also want a media remote. My last big grip is that there is no video chat? WTH! We got a sweet new camera finally in HD and I cannot video chat with it.

vongruetz1249d ago

The media remote is more for the wife than anyone else. She's not going to move over to the PS4 if her only option of navigating is with the controller.

playstation4epic1249d ago

oovoo is coming to ps4 and will allow u to call psn friends and link oovoo account so...

wynams1249d ago

10. Website Photo Uploads/Private Sharing
No thanks! Use a PC if you want to get that granular, don't want my firmware code getting congested with features nobody needs.

9. Turn Off The Controller Light
Yes, the DS4 battery is a legit major complaint. However it seems to me if turning off the light were possible that Sony would have already implemented it. Unless you have direct knowledge of firmware ramifications of accessories having optional features turned off then you opinion on controller light holds no more water than mine!

8. Revamp The PS Store
Again, no thank you. I never have a problem finding what I need on the PS Store.

7. Main Menu Customisation
Preach ... probably my #3 wish list behind DS4 battery life and suspend resume.

6. DLNA Support
Yes! FFS, PS3 had this years ago.

5. Pause-Resume Functionality
Yes! See #7

4. Dashboard Navigation And Sorting
I disagree that the touchpad has not been made good use of by developers, but sure, this would probably make my top 10 wishlists as well.

3. Run Video Content From USB
Wow. Can't believe this is someones #3 most wanted items. Never heard of a big demand to video stream over USB. Couldn't you just hook up a wifi enabled external and stream your video that way once DLNA hits? Confused by the need for this tbh.

2. Full Back Catalogue Library Migration
Dream on buddy, there are dollars to be made. Not like the X1 is fully b/c anyways so ... again no!

1. Easy Access To Trophies – Better Home Button Use
Cuz scrolling up to Trophies on the upper menu is so hard.

This list was p lame tbh.

wynams1249d ago

Replying to myself, but my list would have definitely included the following over the more trivial ones above ...

* Ability for PS4 to autodetect what network to try on power up/resume. i.e. if LAN cable unplugged, use wifi. Else use LAN.
* APPS: HBO Go - Where in the hell is it?
* Full MP3 Playback from internal HDD
* Ability to sort "my library" by date, time downloaded, last time used, alphabetically and by genre!
* More apps in general. Showtime, Cinemax all have streaming apps as does ESPN. The MS experience kills Sony's in this regard.

playstation4epic1249d ago

6. Plex will fill the whole

2. Playstation Now

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