When Windows 7 Arrives, Will Your PC Be Ready?

Pcworld writes:

Windows 7 is coming. Will your PC be ready?

It seems like a straightforward question. However, in the aftermath of the Vista debacle, where many systems that were certified as "Vista Capable" proved to be anything but, the process of vetting new Windows-compatible hardware has taken on new complexity.

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TrevorPhillips3726d ago

oh yea my pc will be ready for the window 7 :)

pharmd3726d ago

yeah my pc will be ready, ready to move over for MAC!!!!

aaquib53726d ago

Mine's already outside in the trash waiting for someone to pick it up...No one wants it =(.

OS X FTMFW! Snow Leopard - Early 09

Si-Pie3726d ago

Well why put it into the trash? if you dont want it then send it to a 3rd world country for free plus its you have to dispose of PC hardware properly as it contains toxic materials!

gta_cb3726d ago

mine is ready for it now =) seriously guys its not expensive to make a duel core system with a decent graphics card, im a student and i have a very good system.

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juuken3726d ago

...I like my XP so thanks for asking.

Pain3726d ago

but why the F%$^ would i run windows ??? do I look like J.W bush errr Retarded?

been windows free for years. And will NEVER Use that Pile of Sh1t ever again.

Mac for life.

what over priced u say ? only if u on welfare.?... get a Job.... and dont be a PC geek and spew Linux man... like i said dont be a dork...

what killed the 70's American Car?..
the American house please...

Same is said for what killed the PC?
The woman useing Macs..

hopefully by the time that OSX M$ rip-off is out nobody will care about M$ to even talk about it.

TheColbertinator3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Very funny Pain.I'll give you a bubble when I can again.

user8586213726d ago

hmmmm crap dat means id need a 27 core cpu, 32gb video memory, 64gb memory, 2tb hardrive

and this is just the minimum requirements lolzzzz ;)

tankkid13726d ago

i agree man, i have a high end gaming pc but now its gonna look like the sh*t on the bottom of your shoe

TrevorPhillips3726d ago

I got 2 pc's so ill leave one for XP and other for Windows 7 :)

Kirstenlottesovs3726d ago

If this turns out to be as crappy as Vista; Linux, here i come!

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The story is too old to be commented.