20,000 People Sign Petition in Spain to Ban Bull Fighting Video Game

Jon of RGN writes, "A game about bull fighting has a 20,000 signature petition against it in Spain and now censorship threatens to close the game development studio behind the title if it is not allowed to release. Financially, video games take years to make, most development studios have their entire future riding on each release.

Toro is being accused of promoting animal violence, however it is actually part of a long standing heritage and provides the virtual alternative to viewing these historical sports which the modern world now views as wrong and cruel against animals (which I totally agree with).

It’s a game, it’s not real and actually spares real bulls: who want a bullfight can go play instead of giving audience in the arena. Showing our future generations how barbaric man has been in the past allows them to learn how we have evolved and become a more civilized planet, while at the same time warning them of the dangerous of turning backwards on the road to evolution."

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CurrentDigital1307d ago

Sounds like they haven't heard of Far Cry.


PoSTedUP1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

i think they should ban every game that shows or references eating chicken in it because i doubt they are Free Range.

Hitman07691307d ago

I don't want games showing corn fields because it promotes GMO which according to my nutritional beliefs causes cancer and de-population which is equivalent to genocide except worse because it doesn't choose victims it hits everybody on Earth who eats corn.


But nah, it's actually about bull fighting in video games. Subscribe to me on matreon tonight. And stop punching steel beams because masculinity is dangerous for you and you're knuckles are literal physical proof.

PoSTedUP1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

touche! lol. except GMO's are not just corn, damn near everything is genetically modified nowadays. and yeah deff is one of the many reasons cancer is through the roof in the US and worldwide!

whats up brother how ya been??? post a link, i'm mostly on my vita and the web browser is limited, but been on PC the last couple of weeks and i think ill be on here a lil more often.

how's everything going? we gotta catch up sometime soon when ur not busy.

Hitman07691307d ago


You already know the deal. Brotherhood Of Real Gamers is [B0RG] before the sheeple went bahhh...

Check this link I posted above , and the second one for context, and yep I'll get in touch and good look stay woke preach.

Hope your new year is going well so far bro. Peace

PoSTedUP1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

what is all that exactly?? you're in a smash tournie? i'll umm... idk what to do with this lol.

and thanks you too brother, we'll catch up soon. im just getting my s*** sorted. u know my life's crazy and im a f-up haha ; ).

MSG me on PSN: streetveteran1 when you get the time.

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Hellsvacancy1307d ago

Sounds like the stupidest game ever, ban it and do the world a favour

AltairvsEzio1307d ago

Its a game ppl for god sake take as a video game lol

IcedEarthaholic1307d ago

Hmmm....upon reading this in further detail, I'm actually a bit torn on it. On the one hand, it certainly opens our eyes to what many now consider a downright barbaric practice and the inner workings of said practice. But on the other hand, it could also be used to possibly promote this practice and bring it back to the limelight again. I am against animal cruelty myself, so the first instinct would be the agree and ban the game. But a valid point is made in the article of question, this could be a teaching tool if used in the right way, to show us how barbaric we truly were and at times still are.

Bathyj1306d ago

Or, its just a game nothing more.

Cy1307d ago

In other news 20,000 people can't understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

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