#TheDopeness: Mass Effect

On #TheDopeness, The Koalition looks back on specific things within the worlds of gaming, hip hop, and pop culture and discuss why they’re special to them. On this installment, Tony Polanco, Tatjana Vejnovic, and Gary A. Swaby share their experiences with Mass Effect and why they think it’s great.

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matthewbatb1306d ago

I'm definitely going to play Mass Effect at some point. I just haven't yet.

Romudeth1306d ago

Dude, it will change your life. TRUST ME and play it!

jaydonbatb1306d ago

I love these games. Can't wait till the new one! I played as a badass renegade FemShep and it was awesome. For some reason my male character was kinda lame as a paragon. I'm not sure if it was the voice actor or what but I didn't really like it. But anyways great series and I totally recommend it!

Profexxion1306d ago

Matt. I can't wait to hear your reaction as you play.

Romudeth1306d ago

Mass Effect is easily a revolutionary game. The fact that it still holds up today says a lot about it. Bioware should be extremely proud of this title.

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