PlayStation 4 in China: Why Sony is willing to put up with piracy and communist red tape

Sony’s launch of the PlayStation 4 in China has the potential to be huge.

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ColManischewitz972d ago

Why do I picture the Chinese government as mobsters?

Umb972d ago

Because maybe they are in a sense.

Its not a communist government but a totalitarian in reality. If it was a true communist country, you would not a have the hundreds of billionaires and millionaires in China currently.

deantak972d ago

The Chinese government has made sister companies out of Microsoft and Sony

midnightambler972d ago

I honestly can't see Sony or Microsoft making a huge impact in China.


There's almost 1.4 billion reasons for you being wrong. Just gaze upon the size of that population, if consoles interest as little as 2% of all Chinese, that's already better than if everyone in Australia was a gamer.

Halo2ODST2972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Yes, because everyone in China has the "potential" ability to buy those consoles, uh, cool story bro...
you know, just like everyone in a disaster ridden country also has the "potential" to buy expensive leisure goods,

BiggerBoss972d ago

India has about the same population as China, yet consoles still dont sell well there. China may be different, but a bigger population doesnt necessarily equal more sales.

Kribwalker972d ago

Calm your horses, first even Sony has low expectations

The reasoning is that the average salary for a worker in China is under $6k a year. They can hardly pay for living expenses let alone a luxury like a game console.

Don't believe me look it up

HentaiMasterRace972d ago

I would laugh if they accept Vita more than the PS4.

Pogmathoin972d ago

Yet Sony and others do not mind that beauracracy to hide behind when cheap labour and bad human rights help to build it cheap.....

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