Soulcalibur IV Skips India, Fallout 3 To Follow?

The Angry Pixel writes: "Well, what more can we say? We've confirmed with local distributor e-Xpress Interactive a couple of days back that Soulcalibur IV will indeed not make it to Indian shores, thanks to the fact that it's an Ubisoft game. Since Ubisoft doesn't believe in offering any sort of sales concession when it comes to Indian markets, and e-Xpress, like anyone else, wouldn't want non-existent profit margins, Indian gamers eager for Soulcalibur IV will now have to look at Play-Asia (as usual) for their imports.

Speaking to us about the situation, e-Xpress has clarified that rather than haggle with Ubi and import the games for 'an obscenely high price', they've elected to not import the game in all likelihood. But the real terrifying part of the conversation came when Fallout 3 came into the picture. In a press release issued last month, Ubisoft had claimed that it would be distributing Fallout 3 in some PAL territory countries in Europe including Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Which indirectly means that if India's import were to happen via Ubi, there's no chance of Fallout 3 ever being officially released for the consoles here."

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DFresh3694d ago

That really sucks for India cuz there missing out on some really cool games.
SCIV and Fall Out 3 is gonna be the s*** on the PS3!
I can't wait to play these games so bad.
SCIV comes out here in 3 weeks July 29th is almost here.

Panthers3694d ago

I wonder what they are disagreeing with.

Bolts3694d ago

I'm guessing that at some point in the game you can get a ring out and kill a cow by accident. Thats unacceptable, ban this game.

JsonHenry3694d ago

Well, at least the PC owners will still get it.. sucks for the console kiddies though.

Aclay3694d ago

I seriously don't see why some games are released in certain regions and other games aren't released in others. But I guess one of the good things about the PS3 is that the games are region free and a lot of people in India already know multiple languages including English, so they could import an American version or a game from some other region even if it costs more money.

JsonHenry3694d ago


I would venture a guess that at least 60% of all the things people complain about around the world are a direct result of an over-reaching and intrusive government.

ChrisGTR13694d ago

....its not cause of the govornment. its cause of piracy. in india piracy is running rampant.sales of pirate games to retail games are like 20/1. thats why they dont release them there.

Rhezin3694d ago

I'll be enjoying smooth 60 fps on 360, nub.

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