The Canceled First Person Avengers Game That Was Planned for Wii U

Unseen64 has released a wealth of pictures, videos and information on THQ's cancelled Avengers game. According to their sources, the game was being made for PC and Wii U, in addition to the previously known platforms of Xbox 360 and PS3.

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BenqMagician1274d ago

This game looks awesome I want it but I want the option of 3rd person view.

clouds51274d ago

Why do they release info's on a game that has been canceled....

LiamR1274d ago

They didn't release it. Unseen64 spoke to people who worked on the game to get this information for historical curiosity and preservation.

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago

Damn, that's a shame.
That would have been a great opening line-up title for the Wii U...

Coachkeys1274d ago

A superhero FPS. Nice. We need some great ideas like this in the gaming realm.