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"If you missed any part of the last two years in gaming, you might not have realized it, but local competitive couch co-op games have made a comeback. From things like Sportsfriends to Towerfall and Nidhogg, even Super Smash Brothers — those with friends at arm’s length have had plenty of fun and innovative games to play. While the aforementioned titles are all unique in their own way, the upcoming release of #IDARB from Other Ocean is an odd collaboration between people who make games, and folks on the internet who were crowd-sourced for ideas as to what #IDARB should become. Other Ocean showed the internet a picture of a red box, and asked what they should do with it. #IDARB is it. So what is that exactly? There are probably a lot of ways to describe #IDARB. It’s a cross between Foosball, Air Hockey and Smash Bros. It’s a comedy game. It’s a competitive online multiplayer game, and an elbow your buddy in the shoulder, laugh out loud local party starter. It’s fun and silly, yet competitive and chaotic."

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