Check Out the New PS4 Dynamic Themes in Action and See if they're Worth the Purchase

Sony published quite a few dynamic themes back to Tuesday, but just from static screenshots it might be hard to decide if they're worth your money.

Luckily, we have more than screenshots to help us judge, as some videos surfaced on the world wide tube.

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Kaitou1273d ago

Whoa, that Coral Reef theme is really pretty.

XboxOneX1273d ago

I like the Pirate theme.

Abriael1273d ago

That one is pretty decent. I got the turtles themes and it's very nice. Soothing music too.

nX1273d ago

None of them is worth any money to me, I'll stick with the PS anniversary one while I'm waiting for a God Of War, Journey, Wipeout or Metal Gear theme.

ANIALATOR1361273d ago

If only it had some soothing water sounds or music or something

WeAreLegion1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Thank you for making these. I don't know why these companies only upload screenshots. I want to see a video of a theme before I purchase it.

Edit: Haha. Well, thank you for putting them together.

Abriael1273d ago

I didn't make them :D The direct feed ones come directly from the developer, the others, i found on Youtube :D

WeAreLegion1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I love the turtle theme.

Why is the music on that Aquarium Dynamic Theme so ridiculous?

Edit: Turns out, they use it for a few themes. Weird.

Edit 2.0: I thought about that, but he uploaded a lot of these. Some with different music.

millerj27401273d ago

I thought that too, but I think maybe that was the youtubers own music.

GribbleGrunger1273d ago

I have to say these are awful. You can't even see the icons on the XMB on most of them.

tlougotg1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Some of the best themes ive ever had on my ps3 came from gamers making them and posting them on ps3themes...... Im hoping eventually they get the tools to create them and do the same with ps4 themese.

That incharted snow theme was awesome that i had and the dishinored one with the smog was sick and others.

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The story is too old to be commented.