Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date nearing announcement

On the latest episode of weekly webcast Kojima Station, Kojima Productions teased the release date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is nearing its announcement.

“I know you’ve all been eagerly await for word on releasing timing,” a Kojima Productions spokesperson said during the broadcast. “I think we should be able to announce that soon, so look forward to that. It’s only a little longer.”

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Cy1272d ago

So...a tease for the release date of the release date? And people think there's nothing wrong with the modern games industry.

die_fiend1272d ago

Ummm...not sure this is even remotely near the worst thing 'wrong about the industry'.

He's saying 'Listen up and you'll find out the release date soon.' which is another way of saying, the game isn't miles away, which is news that will please many.

PurpatraitorMGS1272d ago

I honestly couldn't have said it any better.

Cy1272d ago

I never said it was the worst thing, or even near it. But trickling out information to build anticipation over years is a problem. Devs/publishers shouldn't be announcing games years before they even have an idea when the game is going to come out.

Heyxyz1272d ago

I'm pretty sure that Kojima just wants to get an accurate release date. I head a few weeks ago in some interview Kojima saying he never wants to delay the game. Since he doesn't want to delay it he needs time to make an accurate release date.

BiggerBoss1272d ago

Instead, Kojima shouldve revealed the release date in 2013 so the game can be delayed multiple times! /s

Cy1272d ago

Or, you know, not announced the game until it was much closer to completion.

mgszelda11272d ago

So would you rather a developer put out a place holder release date, and delay it over and over

Xman2K1272d ago

Yeah a cemented release date, back in the day, we wouldn't know about a delay until the day of the release, haha

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Gatsu1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

O__O GDC !?

Brooklynbully7181272d ago

Lol this crazy Iam preparing myself for them to say June 2016

Gatsu1272d ago

I've kinda given up on the release date hype, but if for some reason they actually give it in Taipei and it's March...

Well I don't know what I would do :D, it would be goddamn nuclearly awesome for sure lol.

N81272d ago

That would make me hate the rest of the games in 2015. But I bet the division doesn't come out until 2016.

Gatsu1272d ago

Although they did say quite recently that it will not go to 2016.

George Sears1272d ago

Hopefully on the Taipei game show, he'll announce the release date.

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