Battlefield Hardline – Heist Bank Job, Blood Money & Conquest Gameplay

New Battlefield Hardline gameplay showing the Heist, Bloodmoney & Conquest modes on the maps Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heights and Derailed.

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tylercolp1221d ago

Nice video. Excited for this game.

3-4-51220d ago

* After doing more research, this game appears to be a mix of Battlefield with a small bit of GTA thrown in.

* The game modes are almost all different and catered to this specific game, and not just thrown in from others.

* I was completely against getting this game for a long time....until maybe about 1-2 weeks ago when I started reading more into it.

It's obviously a smart decision in delaying the game as long as they did, and hopefully it's more polished because of that.

* There seems to be a fun factor about this game that is missing from both Battlefield & COD...

Hopefully it ACTUALLY turns out good though...trying to stay cautiously optimistic.

Ares84HU1221d ago

Looks like an expension pack for BF4.

sergons1221d ago

It is for 60 bucks + premium

jordyhuissteden1219d ago

Hardline doesn't have Premium. Do some research before hating on a game that you haven't even played -_-

Detoxx1221d ago

No it does not?

Everything is different from the weapon models to the animations.

gamer91221d ago

I didn't notice a ton of innovation from BF3 to BF4, yet the internet wasn't crying back then. This looks like a fresh take on the series, can't wait for the new game modes they look like a lot of fun with friends.

bondsmx1221d ago

Good clips. After the disaster that was called bf4, I hope the BFH beta shows promise. I've spent thousand of hours playing bf since I started playing bf1942 on PC in 2004, and I miss BF multiplayer. I really do. I'm really want another great bf game. Hope this game is a step in the right direction for BF again.

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