Persona 4 (PS2) Officially Announced - Trailer

WorthPlaying writes: "Shortly after being revealed at the Anima Expo in Los Angeles, Atlus sent out an official press release announcing it is bringing Persona 4 to North America, scheduled for Dec. 9, 2008. Set two years after P3, you once again assume the role of a high school student investigating mysterious murders that happens once night falls. First trailer also released."

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AllseeingEye3661d ago

Persona 3FES was an amazing, fresh take on rpgs. This looks like it will be better. Cant wait.

Voozi3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

After going through all these hoops through the website, above link is the download link for the trailer, so figured I'd post it here so you guys wouldnt have to spend like 5 minutes finding it lol. Havent watched it yet though so will comment back once I do :D

Trailer Size: 8.86 MB


Looks pretty cool, graphics are nice for PS2 game, is this turn based or real time combat btw?

Homicide3661d ago

Thanks dude. It's turn based. The battle system is really fun. Since it's going to be similar to Persona 3, this is a title worth picking up. It's going to be the best Christmas ever!

AdolfBinBush3661d ago

Oh yeah... I'm there... Oh yeah... I'm there...

Robearboy3661d ago

By now these games should be scheduled for the ps3 not ps2, to me it seems a bit of a catch 22 with Sony, i think they would like to drop the ps2 support so the ps3 can flourish more but at the same time they cant afford to just yet

cliffbo3661d ago

@ Robearboy

don't you understand Sony's strategy yet? i've been on it since year one of PS2

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