Microsoft Looking To Develop Cutting Edge Xbox One Games Using Cloud Compute

One feature that Microsoft did not went into great detail during yesterday's Windows 10 event was cloud gaming.

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StifflerK1306d ago

Looking forward to seeing this in action , the new Crackdown uses the Cloudgine - I'm hoping for mass scale destruction like in that tech demo they showed.

gameseveryday1306d ago

Unfortunately that was a tech demo. Hopefully Microsoft will showcase on an actual game. The tech has promise, no doubt about that.

sonarus1306d ago

So we are back to cloud power i see. I'll believe it when I see it in action

Nekroo911306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

We arent back to the power of the cloud, gamingbolt just made an assumption..

So using that tech demo has an example, you get 30fps using the power of the cloud with everything working perfectly without mentioning latency problems, then my connection goes down and im stuck with 8fps while playing crackdown?

Yes, because internet connection arent stable even with my 100mb fiber i lose connection sometimes.

DougLord1306d ago

No, no you won't. You and the other Sony Trolls will find a reason to diss it. DX12 and Cloud will make possible some truly next gen game play - and you WANT it to FAIL because you own a PS4.

If PS4 announced it was going to increase power by 2x, 3x, 10x etc... I would want it to succeed.

The best thing is all of you Sony Trolls say prove it - but when someone says wait for reviews before you buy The Order, Bloodborn or No Man's Sky you hanging them for treason.

Toman851306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )


This is my biggest fear of cloud compute for graphics.
Even PSN or XLIVE cant hold a friendslist together, can't stop a DDoS attack, you must have no delay in your side in milliseconds. Also have 100mb fiber and yes I have some delays on all my devices, even with ASUS Black Knight Router

Is this the masked new DRM, you need solid internet connection to get the best graphics, unmasked by me?

WickedLester1305d ago


So anyone who's skeptical of MS' cloud computing claims are automatically a Sony troll? I have both consoles and I'm very much tired of hearing about "the power of the cloud." Stop talking about and start showing us. I think that's all anyone is saying.

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thanhgee1306d ago

It's always gamingbolt...

strangeaeon1306d ago

We already know this, please submit articles that have something to add.

strangeaeon1306d ago

I think the naysayers of the cloud have become more redundant and tiresome than any article talking about it.

Ron_Danger1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

The burden of proof isn't on the naysayers, it's on MS to prove it works like they claim. Watching a tech demo under their conditions only proves that it works under their conditions. So far the only game on XB1 using the cloud for AI elements is Titanfall and I wouldn't exactly use that as something to brag about.

Edit: why use a don matrick gif? Using a tired reference that doesn't apply anymore doesn't prove anything. All it shows is ignorance.
Sony fanboy here and it makes me disgusted that your gif has agrees.

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The story is too old to be commented.