Problems with the PS3 and improvements to make it better

XTREME PS3 writes:

"Firmware 2.40 brings the PS3 closer to a fully-fledged system, but there are still problems with the system software and features that are missing. In this article, we detail some of the problems faced by the existing system software and what additional features can make it better. While not everyone will agree with the problems and improvements features in this article, it just goes to show how many flaws the system has and how far off it is from perfect."

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pharmd3638d ago

all i know is i aint b1tchin!!!!

MikeGdaGod3638d ago

there were alot of good points made.

i wouldn't mind seeing a few of these improvements.

cp683638d ago

It's all i need from sony. Fix the bloody disc-reading issue.

boodybandit3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

What disc reading issues? On the PS3?

I never encountered any disc issues on the PS3 and I never heard of anyone else having one.

kalel3333637d ago

I personally haven't encountered any but I know that my cousin who has a 40gb ps3, has problems readings bluray discs (bummer since all ps3 games are bluray ! :O lol ) . It used to work but then it just stopped . Drive failure i guess

xXKingofStingXx3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I had this issue with my 60G where it would not read any BluRay media and i was out of warranty so it was either going to be $150 to Sony or attempt to fix it myself. I also had similar problem with my PS2 years back which i managed to fix by readjusting the lens so it read closer to the disc and it fixed the problem. I followed the same procedure and managed to fix my PS3. I'm not guaranteeing this is going to fix everyone's problems but it's worth a shot if you're out of warranty and cash. Also might help if when you readjust the lens, you give it a gentle cleaning as even the smallest smudge will cause it work improperly.

dro3638d ago

a well wrote and none bias post, i have the problem with my flash player..i can only use it on you tube but other website does not work, and the load for xmb...all this can be fixed i just hope sony takes note and fixes the problems, another thing is the internet on the ps3 is a bit slow.i know i have my computer for using the internet but sometimes when my computer breaks down i use my ps3 for browsing and it is a bit slow,...any way all this problems are minor and does not really affect ur gaming experence but it would be nice if sony takes care of the problems.

Mikelarry3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

agree there are some features the op listed there that really would make the ps3 even more enjoyable. features like online profile, better flash player, downloading while on stand by,better video compatiblity and appear offline are some of the needed features. one feature i dont think he mentioned was the ability to mute players. i dont know about some of you guys but some ppl think by blasting thier crappy music they are making the game more intresting. please keep your music to your self im sure most of us that own a ps3 have a music player or pc at our side to listen to our music.hopefully sony is working on some of this features and we might get them in the future.

ChampIDC3638d ago

Yeah, I'm sure adding at least a few of those features would make a lot of people happy. It's good that the network has gotten as close as it has to Xbox Live, especially being free, but there's still a few features to be desired. The one that sticks out to me most is cross-game chat.

Solid_Skip3638d ago

Of good points. iam still a little mad at not having the cross game chat, but i'll wait. and to add to that list. ps3 should include a dam mic, so games would be better online, not including the @ss holes you get every once in a while. but iam still happy.

thereapersson3638d ago

Cram the software environment of the 360 into the hardware environment of the PS3. Let's face it, the 360 still has features that the PS3 won't have for quite some time. It took Sony this long to deliver 2.4's not-so-complete feature list that everyone was hoping for, so to match what the 360 has now, I would bet that it will be by the time the next XBOX comes out that the PS3 will be able to match feature (software-wise) for feature what the 360 has.