NVIDIA Announces GTX 960 Starting At $199

NVIDA has announced the GTX 960 cards will now start at $199
This is great news for gamers looking to get a powerful card with tons of features without busting the bank.

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Mikeyy1303d ago

I payed like $275 for mine back in the day we'll worth the money. Great card!

Mikeyy1303d ago

Oops I have the 760 my bad

ATi_Elite1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )


trust me this is the card you want. Buy one now and play everything on high or ultra up to 1200p no problem.

Then buy another one later and have more power than a gtx980 and giving you 4k power.

The only deal or solution that is better is two gtx780 for $500 which is what I have but I think these deals have gone away.

Sli and CFX are a great way to increase power on a budget and do not believe all the horror stories about two card set-up because I've used them for years AMD and Nvidia and both are excellent.

rodiabloalmeida1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I hope you're been sarcastic about GTX 960 been a good choice of card to buy, 'cos everybody knows it's not the case. At least everybody that knows about PC hardware. Instead of getting two of that for SLI, just get a GTX 970, a much better solution for the same price or even lower, depending on the model of your choice.

HaveAsandwich1303d ago

might just do it. been looking for a new card for a while. dont want to go all the way to a 970 though.

one2thr1303d ago

Looks like its about time to get rid of this gtx 560.

airshiraz1303d ago

get a 970 its exactly 3 times more powerfull than gtx 560 and more important is 4 gigabaytes ram
games are really ram hungry in this new gen because they have a lot of high res textures

Stiffler1303d ago

I'm thinking about upgrading from my GTX 580 mainly due to power efficiency and heat. It's still a powerful card to this day but man it sounds like a freakin jet ^_^

one2thr1303d ago

Thanks for the info, but I currently have an Asrock MB with PCI 2.0, that suppose to support PCI 3.0 as a means of being future proof.

My question would it be best to get a new model mb or would the one I have suffice?

Yi-Long1303d ago

I still have a 460gtx, so perhaps time for an upgrade...

Ninjatogo1303d ago

Same, I wanted to upgrade from long ago, but all subsequent X60 cards were too long for my case.

LAWSON721303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I may get this for me if it is great for the price like the GTX 970, might get this for a friend as well who will be wanting one soon. I may end up with the R9 290, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.