DriveClub, Paul Rustchynsky shows us the best possible overtake

From zero to hero, Paul Rustchynsky shows us how you'r supposed to overtake in DriveClub.

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faysal1151d ago

and he didn't even hit a single car O_O i wish i was that good.

nX1151d ago

Not that hard though, just keep playing and you'll automatically get that good ;)
Turning off the music and HUD also helps a lot.

ravens521151d ago

Thats how I drive in driveclub;) Join my club Blunt Crusade

sin72791151d ago

Playing driveclub every day, fantastic racing game!

uth111151d ago

but how can he do that? Everyone know the AI cars drive in a line in DC /s

playstation4epic1151d ago

LOL @ driveclub ai cars drive in a line. DC ai are agressive to say the least

ik u were sarcastic

uth111151d ago

yup sarcastic.. People still claim DC AI cars stick to the line. That link clearly shows they don't

playstation4epic1151d ago

i understand that gran turismo but to say that driveclub cars stick in a line lol thats extreme fanboism as any1 who plyd it would know better

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