NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 GPU Benchmark vs. 760, 970, R9 285 – A $200 Juggernaut | GamersNexus

GamersNexus: "This GeForce GTX 960 review tests the new ASUS Strix 960 video card against the 970, 760, R9 285, & others. The benchmark analyzes GTX 960 FPS performance in titles like Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, EVOLVE, and other modern titles."

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1nsomniac1301d ago

Was just looking into the 960 earlier today & it looks as though there's no real need to update from my 760 in fact the 760 actually outperforms the 960 in some games.

On paper that looks obvious as the 960 is less powerful but the new architecture is supposed to make up for the drop in power. Looks like it does for most but generally up to 5-10 fps maximum.

I'll stick with the 760 until I go for the 970 at some point.

nowitzki20041301d ago

Building my first rig and cannot wait to see what the 970 looks like.

mikeslemonade1300d ago

Well the 960 is actually cheaper than the 760. 970 is only good until next year that's why I have two them!

Gotta keep playing max settings 1080p 60 frames atleast!

Lon3wolf1301d ago

All I can say is the 970's are truly great bang for buck cards (well when I bought mine formerly an AMD man until the 970 released, it was one of if not the best bang for buck cards).

airshiraz1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

who will buy this piece of shi...970 is the bestttttt by farrr /960 is just a waste of money with that amount of ram and its even weaker than 770 what the helll

TheLeapist1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

I wouldn't put it quite like you but I have to agree that only 2GB of vram and even more detrimentally it having only a 128bit bus is very worrisome. It won't be long before this card won't be able to handle most games at even close to their highest settings at a decent framerate.

But that's not what everyone is looking for I suppose.

justlikeme1301d ago

Damn it! I just bought a 285x.....

DougLord1301d ago

Gonna have to upgrade from 2x5870 when Windows 10 hits. Hoping for 980ti X 2.

crazychris41241301d ago

Same here im holding off until a few months after win 10 drops to do a major build.