Sheik Amiibo Hyrule Warriors Function Revealed

The Sheik amiibo's function for Hyrule Warriors has been revealed, not by any press release. Players in Japan had access to the Japanese wave 2 amiibo series (wave 3 for NA and EU fans). While Toon Link acts the same as Link, Sheik is similar to Zelda, but provides quality weapons for Sheik.

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CloudRap1274d ago

These things have really made a comeback for nintendo.

MilkMan1274d ago

Lame. Don't like how they are handling the Amiibo's for different games. Especially that I have to buy new ones to be able to save content onto them..Not trying to buy to or three Mario's, or Links...etc.

DryBoneKoopa851274d ago

My sister should be pretty excited about this! Her main in Hyrule Warriors is Sheik. She's already rocking a five star tri force harp but the extra rupees for levels is always a nice plus.

Munnkyman1273d ago

I really wish it would be a new weapon though

DryBoneKoopa851273d ago

I'm cool with it not being a new weapon for her. The DLC has been adding weapons to all the characters so their is always choices from those packs. We unlocked the 8-bit ladder weapon for her from the Master Quest pack and we never really use it that much.

All in all I can't complain to much it's a little bonus feature to add to the overall game and the overall game is HUGE with all the DLC maps added.

1274d ago