No Man's Sky Has Destructible Terrain, Vows To Make Resource Gathering Fun

Sean Murray revealed that No Man's Sky features destructible terrain, and Hello Games wants to make resource gathering fun in the game.

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kaiserfranz972d ago

That's great news, mining is boring as fuck in most games!

Alexious972d ago

I'll have to agree on that.

XB1_PS4972d ago

Yeah, if I'm blowing up sides of mountains to mine. I'll be quite happy.

Mostafeto972d ago

No Man's Sky is the farthest thing from Minecraft even if it's in space hahahaha :D But I am excited to give it a try when it releases

die_fiend972d ago

Except in Minecraft, where it's a core part of the game.

Destiny however - sheesh what were they thinking? Thankfully they made it so you could spend marks to buy them. Since that day, a Guardian has never been seen doing material runs.

medman972d ago

Man, I don't know...I'm so looking forward to mining in No Man's Sky and The Tomorrow Children it's ridiculous.

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ccgr972d ago

Looks interesting, will have to keep an eye out for this one

Imp0ssibl3972d ago

That's wise. I think this is going to suck my spare time as soon as it's released

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen972d ago

If NMS is anything like Starflight i'll be having fun for months.

Alexious972d ago

Don't know that game, I'll have to search it now.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen972d ago (Edited 972d ago )

Starflight it's a good game if you're into space exploration games. Published by Electronics Arts before they became EA, when they actually published games that work.

Aurenar972d ago

Great game high expectations

Mostafeto972d ago

And I hope it delivers as a couple of games didn't live up to their hype lately

Roccetarius972d ago

Resource gathering is always going to become a chore, no matter how much fun a developer might put into it. It's all a matter of time and how much someone can take before it kicks in.

rextraordinaire972d ago

Well, Terraria made it fun. But the game was built on the very idea of ressource gathering to start with.

Perjoss972d ago

You can put resource gathering straight into the core gameplay loop if you want.

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The story is too old to be commented.