Now There's No Subscription, Will You Play The Elder Scrolls Online?

Clipping Error discusses how they will be playing The Elder Scrolls Online now the monthly subscription fee has been dropped. They also discuss who they think will and won't be playing it after the announcement of this change in what will probably be an incredibly popular console release.

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slappy5081303d ago

Yes I will! Downloading it from stream tonight as a matter of fact

Jimboms1303d ago

Jesus Christ! That's pretty quick of you, let me know what you think of it because I really want to make sure I'm investing in a decent MMO.

Dasteru1303d ago

It doesn't go BTP on PC until march 17th. If you download it now, you will still need to pay a monthly fee.

Garethvk1303d ago

It is a nice move and one that should have been done from the start. For me I played it so much during the review time and pre-release that it would be hard to find time in our busy review and play que for it.

GokuSolosAll1303d ago

If it's on PS4 free probably try it at least.

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The story is too old to be commented.