Rainbow Six Siege - Community Corner Dev Diary #1

Ubisoft has released its first Community Corner Dev Diary and it focuses on Weapon Recoil and bullet origination with coder Adam Crowley

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TearsOfARapper841219d ago

I'm unbelievably excited for this game. Reminds me of the good ol' Black Arrow days. I put a disgusting number of hours into that game and I anticipate the same this time around.

EazyC1219d ago

The fact they're discussing this as a topic in itself is awesome! Tight, tactical and realistic, definitely the shooter I've been wanting.

Blues Cowboy1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Come on Ubisoft. A year ago and we were singing your praises (in most respects), just please make sure that you deliver on these promises and we can love you again.

Very promising, seems like the project's on track development philosophy wise. Not pre-ordering though, even as a massive R6 fan.

SpaghettiBandit1219d ago

Only game I'm really looking forward to besides uncharted 4 not too many 2015 ps4 releases that interest me

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