Dev: XB1 Is Very Powerful, SMITE [email protected] 30FPS; No Word On PS4 Version

SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios praises Xbox One as a platform, and confirms that the game will run at "consistent" 30 FPS.
No PS4 version is planned at the moment.

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ccgr1127d ago

Will run great on PS4 if it gets it

kaiserfranz1127d ago

It would probably run at 60FPS on PS4.

HeMan761127d ago Show
Double Toasted1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Kaiser setting himself up for failure I see. People never seem to learn, lol. I'm kidding...sorta.

dantesparda1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Its a powerful system because a game that looks like that will run at only 30fps?! Really? Wow, pathetic! my how standards have dropped. The game is just some low end indie game. Also, Heman and Kaiser, you two are way overestimating the systems.

And to Heman, what a ridiculous statement, I will hold you to that. Get ready to be disappointed, talk about delusional. I sincerely hope you're not a 38 yr old man.

Forn1127d ago

This game has like World of Warcraft level graphics haha. Congrats on the Xbone being able to run it @30fps I guess? Lmao.

ThePope1127d ago

Haha oh the tears OF THE PS4 FANBOYS in this comment section are amazing! The best is the people saying it will run better on the PS4. News flash; not even first party studios can get games to run at 60 fps hahaha!

CaptainObvious8781127d ago

News flash, pope. It would run better on the PS4 because it's more powerful. You're being deliberately stupid again.

Enemy1127d ago

@ HeMan: You're delusional if you think DX12 is some magical thing that will close the power gap between PS4 and Xbone. It won't. It'll increase performance slightly. You're looking too much into Spencer's claims about "50%". You're gonna see soon enough.

ThunderPulse1127d ago


andibandit1127d ago

To be perfectly honest the developer said, and I quote

"The Xbox One development platform is very powerful.."

Which I think denotes the developer tools

seanpitt231127d ago

Very powerful and 30fps shouldn't be in the same sentence.

AngelicIceDiamond1127d ago

Everyone thought PlanetSide 2 on PS4 was supposedly gonna be 60 frames, turns out it wasn't.

Svinya1126d ago

Trolls. Trolls everywhere. Just like you.

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Dramacydal1127d ago

Do you guys ever get tired of this pointless pissing match?

lokirevamped1127d ago

When your funds are limited, I guess the only thing you can do is piss on the other options you can't buy.

Dlacy13g1127d ago

I think it's less about limited funds and more about a limiting mentality.

strangeaeon1127d ago

They ran out of piss a long time ago and have resorted to feces.

Mostafeto1126d ago

I do and this resolution thing wasn't in the good old days of gaming, sure 1080p and 60 fps is great and so fun to play on but it is not the core point that we judge games by

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Alexious1127d ago

I'm with you on that one, mate

Hoffmann1127d ago


Because hating?

q8kik1127d ago

But it's so addicting
Blitzcrank Q's all day!

windblowsagain1127d ago

Not surprised xboxone can handle those graphics,lol.

chikane1127d ago

love this line ...No PS4 version is planned at the moment...

yes lets not make a version for the system that's at 20m in sells hahaha guess the jokes on those ps4 gamers

WeAreLegion1127d ago

I do find it weird that no PS4 version is planned.

kaiserfranz1126d ago

They probably have an agreement with Microsoft not to speak about the inevitable PS4 version until later down the road.

strangeaeon1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

So now it's 20 million? Do I hear 22 million? 23? 30? SOLD to the nerd wearing goggles. Anyhow, is this game ftp? So many out that it's hard to know for certain.

Mehmeh1127d ago

If its like the PC version then yes it is FTP, along the lines of LOL/D2.
Rotation each week on which characters you can use for free. Earn in game currency to unlock characters of your choice.

Optional to buy in game currency for IRL money,
which mostly will be spent on different skins etc since they are costly.

TXIDarkAvenger1127d ago

Ha, because we want to play a MOBA on a console? lel

Mostafeto1126d ago

I might think of playing it if it comes on PS4 why not ? It's competitive and fun to play although MOBA games aren't really my genre but I will give it a try anyway that if it comes out

DougLord1127d ago

God these Sony trolls really need a good game to release so they can play something rather then trying to insult Xone.

MCTJim1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

There is not one comment about the game in this thread as of now, all troll comments. I wonder where the mods are? I also noticed that most of the hottest stories are being kept artificially low for some reason.

I probably wont pick this title up, but it does look like something to play in between all the great titles I am currently playing.

snookiegamer1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

@DougLord & MCTJim

'God these Sony trolls really need a good game to release so they can play something rather then trying to insult Xone'

.....and you both feed it every time! Ever heard the expression "It takes one to know one"? I wonder what you'd have to do with your lives if there were no fanboys? Clearly it's not playing the 'plethora' of games available on X1. Only addressing this 'cos I'm having a 15 min game break!

So like, here's the thing ...I enjoy my Xbox One, PS4 & Wii U, so much so, that I don't feel the need to keep counter-reacting negative comments, or whatever I don't approve of, regarding a system I may like/prefer.


Smite is not my type of game, and looks like it could run @120fps on PS3/Xbox 360 ....Now I suggest you both do what I'm about to do ....PLAY GAMES!!!

@WeAreLegion ...You're calling me a troll because I'm not playing a game and chose to comment??? Are you playing a game then? No! Instead you're here just like us, sticking your Oor in! ...and don't call me a 'Guy'?? To think I've supported your comments before ...I should lighten up? Mr Perfection! Works same way for you too don't it! ...You must be a Troll too! ;/

MCTJim1127d ago

So, complaining about all the troll comments and how slow the mods are to hide those comments is feeding the trolls? well then, ban EVERYONE who trolled above me. Its getting to the point where I cant read viable comments without weeding through hundreds comments about how much better the PS4 is than X1 in a thread about the X1. Hows this sound...Stay on topic or you will get banned..that would be great would it not? I don't think a soul would complain if all the trolls were banned.

WeAreLegion1127d ago

Says the guy who's also not playing something. Lighten up. Trolls are annoying, but you're a troll, too.

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