The 10 best handled games to play on the beach this summer

This is a translation of the French webite "". The article lists the 10 best DS & PSP games to play lying on the beach this summer.

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Auron3423d ago

why would you goto the beach to play PSP or DS??

ChampIDC3423d ago

Hey, geeks have to get some sunlight sometimes ;)

kosha3423d ago

I tried to play the psp on the beach last year and i could barely see the damn thing.

Kirstenlottesovs3423d ago

Playing video games... OUTSIDE??!!

This is blasphemous!!

ape0073423d ago

the best game to play at the beach is


Sayai jin3423d ago

Uh, I can think of over 10 things to do this summer on the beach other than play a damn hanheld.

SaiyanFury3423d ago

Playing games at the beach? As much fun as that would be I'd rather go swimming and keep my eyes on all the fine women present.

Sayai jin3423d ago

Amen to that. Was sup Sayai jin brother.

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