EVOLVE, The Order:1886, and Bloodborne: Who Will Triumph With The Opening Salvo Of 2015

With the first big games of 2015 set to be released in a few weeks, Skewed and Reviewed have asked which ones will be the big winners in their latest opinion piece. The article looks at Evolve and The Order:1886 as the main focus.

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vishmarx1303d ago

BB>>the order>>>>>>& gt;>evolve

Evolve>the order>bb

Garethvk1303d ago

I think you have hit it on the head. I have played a lot of Evolve. It is fun but the same issues keep popping up. It is the same hunt over and over, the map changes but if you do not have the best Monster things get dull. Now the EVAC mode is better as it changes and you can play multiple monsters.

bouzebbal1303d ago

i take it in the chronological order.

First The Order, then Bloodborne. Gonna enjoy these two so much i can feel. Haven't had fun with a great SP game on PS4 since inFamous. All i'm playing on PS4 is PES2015 and DriveClub atm.

Question is, will the upcoming PS4 blockbusters push me to stop playing PS3?

Army_of_Darkness1303d ago

After all the online issues, you'd be crazy to buy evolve, especially over the order and blood borne which are both single player and better looking games in general any ways.

Ame_No_Shiryuu1303d ago

How do you know evolve is gonna win the sales?, only multiplat?, or you're underestimating the sales of the order?

Meltic1303d ago

dying light wins over both. Clearly open world

Jimboms1303d ago

My money's on The Order 1886 being a huge sucess that no one saw coming.

Garethvk1303d ago

Sony would love that, they have a franchise counting on it.

Jimboms1303d ago

Haha! Great point, there's potential for it to be great, but if it's not good enough next to Evolve then it'll just be forgotten. Plus you know, Bloodborne!

SaveFerris1303d ago

Why are the PS3 and 360 tags attached to the article? I though Evolve was PC, PS4 and XB1 only? The other two are PS4 games.

Garethvk1303d ago

EVOLVE may come on those as well.

SaveFerris1303d ago

Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up.

Forn1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I have to say even now that Bloodborne is my most anticipated game this year so I really hope it sells well to support the developers hard work. The Order is looking like quite a stand-out from that last trailer so I'm very excited and am sure it will sell quite well. Evolve on the other hand I couldn't care less about, and honestly due to their awful dlc practices and lack of day-one content, I hope it sells horribly.

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The story is too old to be commented.