Toukiden: Kiwami PS Vita vs. PS4 comparison screenshots

Koei Tecmo has released a new set of Toukiden: Kiwami screenshots comparing the PS Vita version to the newly announced PlayStation 4 version.

Both versions are due out in North America and Europe on March 31 and 27, respectively.

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Razjin1220d ago

I swear if someone say the faces look better on the vita go shoot yourself because it obviously better lighting and shadows on the ps4 version which is why the faces don't look like they have a natural tan.

gokuking1220d ago

If I shot myself in the face the PS4 version of Toukiden would finally meet something that looks worse than it.

MeteorPanda1219d ago

exactly. it's like looking at your face really up close in the mirror with bad lighting. Every pore is highlighted. Every bump magnified. This isn't the light you want to have people see you in, Toukiden says this to the ps4's lights :P

Dinoegg_961219d ago

Yes, the ps4 version is technically superior to the PS Vita version, but they DO look better in Vita

Travis37081219d ago

Nice! The PS4 version looks way better

Moldiver1219d ago

PS4 version has better lighting and textures. But the vita version looks respectable.

NiteX1219d ago

The only face that looks weird on the PS4 is the first girl. It's just oddly off. The other two look better on PS4.