Microsoft, Here's The Top 17 Ways To Screw Up Windows 7

Windows Vista was a right step towards screwing up Microsoft customers. But why stop there? Why not take Windows 7 a step further and make it even more annoying? If Microsoft is wondering how to mess up the next Windows OS, look no farther than this article.

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incogneato3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Not sure why noobs are still criticizing Vista. It's superior to XP in every way and it accomplished this in just under one year while it took XP several years to get to this point when compared with Win2k.

This is the typical noob rant we saw in 2007 but now applied to Windows 7.

strotee3734d ago

Sarcasm is not your friend, huh?

treacherous_gamer3734d ago

Let's face it. Microsoft is going to screw up again. And don't start it, everyone knows XP performs better than Vista without a doubt.

Kyur4ThePain3734d ago

If Vista is so superior to XP, why are we even talking about Windows 7 already?
Why would we even wonder what's going to replace Vista if we're all so happy with it?

It's so bad that the only way MS can get people to "adopt" Vista is by forcing retailers to take XP off the shelves. Suuure. Vista is good. Whatever.

The Anti-Fanboy3734d ago

Don't actually have an actual intellectual argument against the article, just make stupid immature comments like "noob" to prove your thoughtless point. How about you post when you've finally get your GED in the mail.

Vip3r3734d ago

"Not sure why noobs are still criticizing Vista."

"It's superior to XP in every way"

Apart from it took ages for SP1 to come out to support 2GB of RAM.

"and it accomplished this in just under one year while it took XP several years to get to this point when compared with Win2k. "

Well this comment really is stupid. Didn't it cross you're tiny little mind that after getting the feature into XP they already knew how to do it for Vista and hence this quick time for them? No?

"This is the typical noob rant we saw in 2007 but now applied to Windows 7."

So why is it they're making a new OS for? Surely with Vista being as perfect as you've said it is that they'll be no reason to make another?

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tk3734d ago

Vista is dead. Even though MS made lots of money in sales - it is dead. Coporates won't touch it. And the new Windows version is too close - so they will just skip Vista. XP is good. It works for corporates, and the installed base is too big to ignore. Same for the Office package. Many skip one generation. Office 97 was so good, that many skipped Office 2000. Some will skip Office 2003 and Offcie XP, and only jump to Office 2007. Vista was good - but in terms of timing, it is squeezed in between a very popular and stable OS, and the next one only a year or two away.

treacherous_gamer3734d ago

Only in the case of gaming. Otherwise, Macs excel, such as in digital photography.

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nosmok3734d ago

I wouldnt normally post but the author should do his research first.
i.e. 3. Rip off the Mac OS and Steve Jobs
"Apple’s Time Machine on windows"
"but why does every “new” Windows feature appears in the Mac first and then a dumbed-down version gets ported to the Windows world?"
Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy has been around for years, ok maybe a non tech-head didnt know where it was but facts are more important than fanboy bias. Apple's make excellent UI designed products 'Dave' accessable. (final Cut pro rules imo)
Microsoft make better business tools SQL, SQL Reporting ,(Office, Sharepoint, Great Planes)FInancial), Dynamics (supply chain, financial management, CRM) and development tools (Visual Studio)
They are apples and pears - different markets with a bit of cross over in the home user market.
Everthing is a copy of a copy, inventions and evolution goes in steps by improvement.

Splenda143734d ago

they messed up Vista like they did the 360

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