Destiny House of Wolves: Raid Expectations

SelectButton: "The lack of story in Destiny has me reading the grimoire cards online and through the Destiny app. I have to confess, I find the grimoire cards quite intriguing, and they just keep me asking more questions."

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Neonridr1301d ago

sounds interesting. I am looking forward to the next raid.

Zoloftuser1301d ago

Expectations for House of Wolves? How about an actual expansion pack this time? Love the game mechanics but I have no reason to play anymore. SHAME!

bananaboats1301d ago

I honestly hope Bungies digs deep and makes a raid that take longer than 30-40mins to complete. give me a raid that takes 2-3 hrs. It might be the WoW player in me speaking but i miss raid that actually took a few hours to complete and sometimes having to come back another day because people were too tired to continue.

I love this game but I finish everything on a tuesday afternoon. Also there needs to be more quests that requires you to be at the lvl cap to give us something to keep us busy.

Blues Cowboy1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

I still haven't played any of the raids yet. I tend to play Destiny like a social game, logging in for the daily heroic story, strike and earning as many Crucible marks as possible.

I'll get my money's worth at some point, it's just that shorter missions fit better into my schedule.

Either way, I'm mainly looking forward to the new HoW crucible maps.

jmdfoto1301d ago

I like to run the IB when its around. Its like the place to show off your gear that you worked so hard for.

(based on the leaked image) The hardcore modes for the new crucible modes HoW would be pretty intense. And a different scenery wouldnt hurt.

If you are on the PS4 and and want to run the raid. Just add us up. We are not hardcore, speed running raiders, we just do it for fun.

The social aspect of the game definitely makes the game better. Communicating with other guardians is a big part of the game that is definitely enjoyable.