Project CARS PS4 vs PC Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PC and PS4 version of Project CARS.

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vishmarx1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

where do these videos even come from?
nobody has ps4 playable builds atm then how are these coming up?
this could very well a pc beta build at different settings

lol this actually shows ps4 having higher quality textures than the pc version that is said to support 12k resolution. w/e that is.

if anything im a ps4 guy but this is just bs

Zack11246d ago

The PS4 footage comes from a preview version of the game.

ATi_Elite1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Drive club looks better that's because Drive club is just a graphics demo for the PS4 and the actual game play is so basic but hey I guess Sony gamers just want 1080p graphics and nothing else.

Meanwhile Project Cars looks great but more importantly the game play is spectacular and dynamic offering up realtime physics and damage for Hardcore gamers who want realism versus a graphics demo.

Also stop comparing Pc to ps4 without the Pc running at 4k because I play project Cars at 4k and it kills drivecclub especially on ultra with the insanely high polygon count.

kayoss1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Graphic demo?? Driveclube maybe a graphic demo for the PS4 but a lot of people enjoy the game. The plus side to it, they spent less than $500 dollars for it. However, your ultra PC that you probably spend more than you need to is nothing more than a glorified Porn device that give you the benefit to surf the web.

Fil1011246d ago

Its no wonder u got 2 bubbles with that sort of shit comin out ur mouth

MysticStrummer1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

"Drive club is just a graphics demo for the PS4 and the actual game play is so basic but hey I guess Sony gamers just want 1080p graphics and nothing else.

Meanwhile Project Cars looks great but more importantly the game play is spectacular and dynamic offering up realtime physics and damage for Hardcore gamers who want realism versus a graphics demo."

Driveclub is an arcade racer. Project Cars is a sim. Guess what… A lot of people prefer arcade racers over sims. Shocking, I know.

Dannylew1246d ago

i'm a 2500 euros contributor.. and man.. trust me

project cars is just shit... damn day i spent my fucking money on this abort...

driveclub "imo" is the best racing game of this generation/pc "for now".

and yes.. the project cars gameplay is.. lifeless... and really boring...

FriedGoat1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Wow, if you really fronted 2500 good on you.
I picked up driveclub last week and my expectations were pretty low after all the bad mouthing. Turns out the game is amazing, just hope the collision/punishment get improved for the faster cars.

Funny how a "weak" ps4 can put out a driving game that looks better than anything on PC barring resolution. But as any sensible gamer knows, resolution ain't the be all end all.

Wizard_King1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Drive club is the Sony fanboys shield of honour right now, they will dump it as their call to greatness as soon as Uncharted drops again (even though UC are bargain bin games lol).

Drive club gets so boring so fast it's not funny. 30 FPS isn't good enough and the blur is way over done to compensate this. Weather doesn't move right at speeds. Water doesn't move right at speeds and isn't dynamic on other objects. The "racing" is very basic, accelerate, break, turn, repeat. Very arcade, very limited.

But fanboys be fanboys.

Project Cars is like GT on steroids.

Father__Merrin1246d ago

your ultra pc will only have project cars, whilst ps4 has project cars and driveclub

so ps4 owners get the better deal Ha!

care to point out an arcade car game on steam as good as DC, nope thought not.....

fr0sty1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Someone has obviously never played driveclub... and a epic headslap and major lol to the idiot that called one of the best selling action adventure game franchises in history a "bargain bin game". Then he goes on to say the best weather/rain rendering ever in a video game isn't done right.

BTW, wizard king, accelerating, breaking, and turning is how you drive a car in real life. Just sayin'. You also left out drafting and drifting, both of which DC also has.

Muzikguy1246d ago

Maybe wizard king really doesn't know how to drive a car? I'll give him the benefit there....

kayoss1246d ago

Wizard king is still getting pushed around by his parents in a stroller. He wouldnt know what a car looks like if it hits him while he's in a stroller.

badz1491246d ago


"even though UC are bargain bin games lol"

LOL all you want but I did buy Batman AC, The Witcher 2 and many other PC games for <$5 on Steam recently. and I even got Metro 2033 for free too from Humble Bundle.

what a great bargain bin, ha?

ShottyGibs1246d ago

Wow.. Talk about stirring the hornets nest. Didn't you know Drive Club is the best racer ever. Even though it runs at 30fps it feels like 120fps. It's a PS4 exclusive so I must convince myself nothing could be better.

PoSTedUP1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

if DC looks better than, wait till GT7 comes out. its the king of simulators you know. makes project cars play like a Matchbox. best simulator> 4k.

DC plays like mindblowing fun as a good racer with epic visuals better than P.Cars.

GT7 plays as an epic simulator that has single-handedly created real professional racecar driver just by playng GT with no driving experience. is on ps4, no one cares about it bc driveclub.

let sony show you how racing is done. and even motorstorm is the most intense and badass racer out there. (pacific rift is the best one imo)

back to playing Jak collection :).

d3nworth11245d ago

DriveClub is a arcade racer. Its not meant to be realistic. Sony already has a franchise that does that. Its called Gran Tourismo. Why are you even mentioning DriveClub? This article has nothing to do with it.

Also what would be the point of showing it in 4K when most people wouldn't be able to view it.

You're such a hypocrite. "I guess Sony gamers just want 1080p graphics and nothing else". Well you only care about 4k graphics and nothing else.

TheTony3161245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I play Pcars too, and it doesn't kill DriveClub. Pcars has better car models but that's about it. Everything else looks better in DC, especially the lighting and weather effects.

gameplay wise, they aren't comparable. DC is like the spiritual sequel of PGR4, while Pcars goes the Forza/GT route.

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uth111246d ago

Only difference I can see is the colors are a bit more muted on PC, but that could be settings.

It doesn't show actual gameplay at all. Why do most Project Cars videos omit gameplay?

Skate-AK1246d ago

PS4 needs some AA. Saw a good amount of shimmering.

cancerik1246d ago

The requested page could not be found

thisismyaccount1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Looks like they tried to fake it, .... both clips are from the PC copy, one at ultra and the other with high setting or even below that.

They´ve removed it for a reason... maybe the difference isn´t that big ;=)

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