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"What happens when you cross a Dating Simulator, a Visual Novel and a game of Pokemon Puzzle League together with pornographic elements? You get Huniepop, that’s what. The game comes from the development team, Huniepot, and has recently come out of Kickstarter and into full release. The game sees players dating various Anime-esque women in the hopes of eventually bedding them. How does the player do this? With a game involving coloured jewels and achieving the required amount of points." - Attack On Gaming

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masterfox1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

WTF ?! O_O her tail is doing strange things to her innards lol, good job on approving this to front page XD

Bebedora1301d ago

I love the jap-sex fantasies. None the other!

LightDiego1301d ago

"Rating: A well deserved fap / 10"

WeAreLegion1301d ago

Haha. I love the rating you gave it.

dark-kyon1301d ago

wtf,western doing erotic games?.i believe what they only know do pornographic boring stuff.maybe in the future we can see fanservice ecchi console games from westerns devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.