Third-person action adventure 'AER' announced for PS4 and Xbox One; screenshots included

Swedish developer Forgotten Key and publisher Deadalic Entertainment have teamed up to deliver a third-person action adventure 'AER' for the PS4, Xbox One, Mac and PC.

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Zichu1305d ago

I have never played Rime, but after looking at the screenshots, they have very similar art styles. The first thing that popped into my head was TLoZ: Wind Waker.

Has that cartoon art style, but still looks amazing. Looking forward to more info on this game.

VER1ON1305d ago

Wind Waker indeed, Rime hasn't been released yet but it high on our list :)

Dark111305d ago

Huh not really fan of artistic games like this or Rime .. i mean do you explore the world and fight monsters? or what do you do exactly?

360ICE1305d ago

Explore and solve puzzles, I think. At least when it comes to Rime. Rime isn't so much an art game as it is an adventure game with beautiful art.

ContinuePlay1305d ago

AER is described as an action-adventure; so expect something similar to Zelda games. There's exploration, puzzles, and combat.

Genuine-User1305d ago

I really like the art-style.

The_Sage1305d ago

Not sure about the cartoony (just invented a word) look. That said, WHERE THE HELL IS THE LAST GUARDIAN!!!?!?

VER1ON1305d ago

It does have some from Ico and Journey as well :)