New off-screen Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay footage shown during Kojima Station

During Kojima Station Episode 32, a brief new gameplay segment for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was shown, played by Hideo Kojima himself.

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Nyxus1156d ago

Here is some info (translated by NeoGAF):

- The horse is not the same as the previous ones, it’s one of the horses you can customize.
- In this clip all the enemies are gone.
- In addition to the dumpster seen before, Kojima ordered his staff to add a toilet as another hiding place (which is what we see in the video).
- You can make noise while inside the toilet to lure enemies. The sound heard in the video is not the final version, Kojima is telling his staff to fix this.
- You can shoot the water tank above the toilet, and possibly use it to your advantage.

Batzi1156d ago

So multiple buddies, multiple horses, multiple prosthetic arms each having a unique functionality, several bases to build and more. Man this game is going to be humongous!

Nyxus1156d ago

Yeah, and Troy Baker said that it is probably the biggest game he has ever seen.

BiggCMan1156d ago

I'm calling it now people. You will be able to stick guards in there and then Fulton the entire toilet with the guard in it! I BET MONEY ON THIS!!

Nyxus1156d ago

Heh, you could very well be right.

TheStrokes1156d ago

Neat little additions. Hopefully won't be too long before I'm tranquilising guards and hiding them in the toilets lol.

The_Sage1156d ago

For those of you who don't speak Japanese, Kojima is saying here that if you shot this barrel, then shoot the door, David Hayter's voice is unlocked, and he will voice Snake for the rest of the game.

Gatsu1156d ago (Edited 1156d ago )

This game will be sooooooooo spectacular <3!!! I can't believe how much things we can do in TPP and I bet we haven't even seen 10% of it all lol.

Muadiib1155d ago

I don't need to speak Japanese to know flirting when I hear it!

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