Electronic Arts CEO calls on Sony to introduce lower PSP price point

Electronic Arts boss Larry Probst has said that Sony should consider slashing the price of PSP and introducing a new, smaller model in order to boost sales.

Speaking in an interview with Newsweek, Probst said, "I think what moves the needle is a new form factor that's smaller than the existing unit, at a lower price, and hopefully that price is US$100 or lower.

"I think the price point needs to be lower, and I think you're going to see that next year, along with a different form factor," he added.

Whilst Probst was careful to identify his comments as "pure speculation", he said it "would not be hugely surprising" if Sony was to cut the price of the PSP to US$149, offering "a more fully-featured upscale unit that retails at US$249 or US$299".

Probst dismissed suggestions that EA is focused on producing new IP for the PSP, stating, "It's more likely that we would target platforms like the PS3, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii if we had an original in mind. Our strategy on PSP has typically been to take the franchises that we build on other platforms and exploit them on the PSP."

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MicroGamer4399d ago

The PSP already is tightly packaged. To make it smaller means the screen size would have to be reduced or the controls would have to be sacrificed even further. PSP gamers have already said they want another control stick added, not more controls taken away. I have no problems with the size of the PSP, my biggest complaint is always having to wipe the fingerprints and dust off the shiny plastic case. Why they went with a high gloss finish that attracts dirt instead of a flat one, is beyond all comprehension.

Shadow Flare4399d ago

Everytime i go to a gamestore i look at the best DS games available and all i can see is Brainage and maybe Nintendogs. New Super Mario Bros was awful when i played it and everything else looks crap. And the DS doesnt do anything else but games. I love my psp, its awesome i use it constantly. Im using it now to write this. I got Tekken, Killzone, Loco Roco, Ace Combat X, Lumines 2, MGS Digital Graphic Novel etc. and these are all awesome. Why psp isnt more successful is beyond me

Scrumptious4398d ago

Mabe they could increase the load times as well! They still have to put a UMD drive in the smaller one, and that's gonna kill it. Sony didn't learn from their mistakes with proprietary formats and repeated it with the P$3. Time for Microsoft to come clean up the handheld market, just as long as EA doesn't shovel crap on it as well.