Final Fantasy 15: Demo Part Of Full Game, But Shrunk Down, Another Demo In The Works

The second technical demo will be for fans who won't be able to buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

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tombraiders1030d ago

Square are so strange, wasting development on a demo when people just want the damn full game!

nirwanda1030d ago

As much I I can't wait for FF I also believe not enough demos are made for games anymore, instead of demos they milk dlc instead.

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MegaRay1030d ago

I believe the game is almost completed but square waiting for PS4/XB1 to sell more

NoctisPendragon1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I think they are improving the quality and not the quantity , thats why they can do it on the demo.

Anyway working on the demo is like working on the final game : THEY NEED THE FEEDBACKS.

Taislin1030d ago

They have said that the reason they are working on the demo is because they want the feedback, and they think the battle system should be played and not talked about. Any way to further improve the game is good in my opinion.

Magicite1030d ago

how many demos we get before we can play full game?

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Kurisu1030d ago

I'll play both demos. Hopefully when the 2nd one hits they'll have added magic, this way we can compare the battle system of the first demo to the battle system of the second demo which will be more representative of the final game.

scark921030d ago

Do not mind if this comes out in 2016, as long as it was worth the wait :)

Crystallis1030d ago

so in order to play the demo have to pre-order type-0 from the SE website, or can your pre-order from gamestop and get the demo?

NoctisPendragon1030d ago

As long as you pre-order FF T0 it is ok.

N4GDgAPc1030d ago

You technically don't need to pre-order because first shipment is all first editions. Once that stock runs out the game won't have the demo in it. But be safe I would just pre-order it.

Taislin1030d ago

This article has a mistake on it. There will be a summon in the demo.

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