TrustedReviews: RV770: ATI Radeon HD 4870

TrustedReviews really, really like the ATI Radeon HD 4870. It offers unheard of performance for the price and is certainly a significant improvement over the HD 3870. So much do they like this card, in fact, that it runs away with their top, Editor's Choice, award.

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reincarnated3662d ago

how much does this cost in u.s. dollars?

GIJeff3662d ago

even at retailers its 299. Although, if you go through you might be able to score a nice combo deal and get a free game or something out of it. I recomend visontek as they have a lifetime warranty and apparently get good stock.

omni_atlas3662d ago

I'm prob going to get a 4850, its worth it for the price point / best bank for the buck.

GIJeff3662d ago

and scales rediculously with crossfire.

Zodiak273662d ago

Ati kicks where there going...the x2's are great!