Suikoden I & II Coming To European PSN Store

Illiya from Awesome Games writes: 'After many years of waiting, hoping, praying and dreaming Suikoden I and II for the original PlayStation will be coming to European PSN store on February 4th, Konami has confirmed.'

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Bennibop1183d ago

Day 1 for me! Have always wanted to play these but missed them on PS1.

PoSTedUP1183d ago

enjoy! :). great freaking games.

i want LAPD: future cop to come to the US store. me and my cuz had so much fun with that game coop and

AwesomegamesUK1183d ago

Will definitely be downloading this when it arrives - will be perfect for the Vita.

Zichu1183d ago

I only every played Suikoden V. Parents bought it for me for Christmas and I wasn't very good at it and was confused lol.

I will definitely be buying these games. These PS1 classics are also a good reason for me to get a Vita at some point. Being able to play some amazing games on the go.

Manubiggs1183d ago

got a vita for christmas and just having all those ps1 classics on the go makes it worth it. CAn't wait to finally try suikoden.

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