The SSD Power Consumption Hoax

Flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) are considered to be the future of performance hard drives, and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Tom's Hardware is no exception, as they have been publishing many articles on flash-based SSDs during the last few months, emphasizing the performance gains and the potential power savings brought by flash memory.

And there is nothing wrong with this, since SLC flash SSDs easily outperform conventional hard drives today (SLC = single level cell). However, they have discovered that the power savings aren't there: in fact, battery runtimes actually decrease if you use a flash SSD.

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Right now they have huge performance increases over conventional hard drives, wait for them to come down in price, become mainstream. THEN they can concentrate on power.

shazam3731d ago

they have better seek times but they write time is slower than conventional.

Dragonopolis3731d ago

However the new SSDs write times have improved dramatically to be competitive with HDDs. Sure there are HDD that write faster but can't match the read times.

Just get over it and face the facts. In 10 years there will be no storage media based on any kind of disc (hard or optical) (with maybe one possible exception - holographic storage. However, Holographic storage can be used both ways - on a spinning disc or on non-movable card. Current holographic storage already surpasses blu-ray easily in its early stages and the speeds are closer to HDD and SSD (they are still faster)

but who knows what the future holds..........

Now if we (the world) just don't go and blow ourselves up in 10 years, we might just get to see another evolution in computers and technology.

ravenguard883731d ago

It isn't really mainstream unless we're talking the low-end (the 4gb SSD in an EEE PC) and it is likely that power-saving features will be added, as well as the drives built to simply run more efficiently.

Testo3731d ago

Lets bash a new technology because it doesn't have the "advanced options" that the current HDD's have. We have only been stuck using the same technology of HDD for over 20 years, while everything else on the PC has improved significantly.

The Wiimote sucks at accuracy but that's not to say that Nintendo's next attempt wont be stellar.

Or hell, the 360 might have something better at E3 with all of these rumours floating around.

madjedi3731d ago

I disagree with some of your post, while it is a given that ssd's will eventually overtake hdd, it will be several yrs before this happens due to price being unrealistic to capacity wise, i would guess.

"Just get over it and face the facts. In 10 years there will be no storage media based on any kind of disc (hard or optical)"

I find this a silly assumption, rather your timeframe i find laughable, there is still albums being released on cds daily, they still make new movies being released on dvd and blu rays daily. I would be willing to bet 10 yrs from now they will still release songs on cds and movies on blu ray and probably a few on dvd, as long as their is a demand for these items they will still exist.

It is a given that the industry will move away, at some point from rotational storage devices, however i disagree that all rotational media will be gone in 10 yrs, it will probably be on its last interation, just not dead.

Lastly i hope your not refering to hvd, at 15k per player and 120 per disc, this has a long way to go till its practical. Other than data storage/backup at the current movie/tv resolution it's pointless for movies on hvd's.