Project CARS' Creative Director Andy Tudor Explains "What's It All About"

Bandai Namco have just release a short Project CARS video entitled “Projects CARS – What’s It All About”.

The video includes the Creative Director Andy Tudor from Slightly Mad Studios talking about the project and its community roots.

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pcz1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

this game has been so long in the making and so hyped, it can never live up to its promise.

in the end i think it will all be redundant because there are better games out there from already established franchises. we dont need another racing sim

marloc_x1300d ago

There is one platform that need A racing sim ;)

pcz1300d ago

lol i was going to say it should have been for wiiu only

gerbwmu1300d ago

Yep, hopefully they do a great job with the Wii U version. I haven't played a Racing Sim in a while and I've been looking forward to Project C.A.R.S.

D3TH_D33LR1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

I need this game to be good. I miss Forza but went with ps4 this gen after that terrible E3 reveal and I need a good racing game. Driveclubs fancy looking for sure and don't get me started on the Crew, but I need a simulator racing game to fuel and fire that which I desire. Here's hoping this game delivers because I can't wait for another half assed Gran Turismo.

TeamVVV1300d ago

After the disappointment of GT6 and Forza 5, I hoping this game will fill the void right now.